Women Boycott Twitter in protest of Rose Mcgowan’s Twitter account suspension

Women Boycott Twitter in protest of Rose Mcgowan’s Twitter account suspension
Written by Abhishek Rana

Women on across the world are boycotting social media after actress Rose Mcgowan’s Twitter account was suspended after she tweeted “Fuck Ben Affleck” due to a video that showed him groping the breasts of news anchor (). This news came into light after Ben Affleck released his statement condemning Harvey Weinstein for the sexual assault allegations that were leveled against him by many actresses and models. After Rose’s twitter account was suspended, people began an outcry, asking Twitter why they’re temporarily banning a women who’s speaking about sexual assault when there are racists, misogynists and other objectionable people posting hateful tweets.

The hashtag #WomenBoycottTwitter has been trending worldwide because everyone is rightfully angry that why does Twitter authorities decide to suspend certain accounts when they’re talking about important subjects while the president of America is an alleged Sexual offender and has tweeted many wrong and hateful remarks.

Celebrities like Mark Ruffalo, Christine Teigen, Amber Tambly have chimed in on the movement and shown their support because it is important that people with voices that try to speak about issues that are prevalent in the society and they shouldn’t be silenced just because Twitter is partial towards some people and gives privileges to others who’re free to spread hate and prejudice, and try to suppress the voices of women. The people have also pointed out that twitter should also support women of color, who are always the ones to be hated upon the social media for speaking out and they should be free to state their views on this platform.


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