Victoria and Abdul is a historical drama film starring Dame Judi Dench as Queen Victoria and Ali Fazal as her servant and friend, Abdul. The movie is directed by Stephen Frears, and portrays Queen Victoria in her days of decline in health and her relationship with Abdul, an Indian servant who makes a connection with her because she has been alienated by her family and how he makes her love her life and duty again. The movie has been well recieved overseas and has been a financial success and now it comes to India and is the first Hollywood movie of Ali Fazal, and the Indian audiences seem to have loved both his performance and the movie.

The movie was released today in India and the reactions from the audiences’ are all positive:

The movie seems to have touched a lot of hearts and it is also encouraging that an Indian actor is able to act alongside an actress as great as Dame Judi Dench. The movie has been a surprise hit in USA and it looks like it could do well, it nothing else, people should support them movie because it would mean that audiences like diversity in the movies so that actors like Ali Fazal can get more work in Hollywood movies.

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