What’s up Lagna movie review: A simple, sweet love story with winning performances

What’s up Lagna movie review: A simple, sweet love story with winning performances
Written by Abhishek Rana

What’s up Lagna, directed by Vishwas Joshi and starring Vaibhav Tatwawaadi & Prarthana Behere. The story is about two completely different people who fall in love with each other and form a connection that is more complex than just an abrupt relation of girlfriend and boyfriend. Aakash is a well disciplined man with little to no time for a mess, but that’s exactly what she is, with not even one moment of stillness in her life. She tells him on a date that she’s not typical Indian housewife kind of girl, while he just smiles at her. Slowly but steadily, they fall in love, and the usual complications that plague the modern relationships.

Vishwas Joshi portrays the story in a simple way, but peppers it with moment of beauty and genuine emotions. Vaibhav Tatwawaadi, who has also worked in Bollywood movies like Bajirao Mastani and Lipstick under my Burkha is good as always, and here he plays someone who is levelheaded and kind, but also wants to challenge his life a little. Pearthana Behere is a revelation in the role of opinionated and free thinking Ananya. She has a kind of charms that simply attracts you to her, and you just keep watching in rapt attention.

The story might not have worked if it weren’t for the talented people outside and on Camera, who make it a sweet, memorable experience, that lingers around you for a long time  after the lights turn on in the cinema hall. This is a must watch.


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