Kirrak party movie review: Dramatic at core but wrapped with unnecessary fun

Kirrak party movie review: Dramatic at core but wrapped with unnecessary fun
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Kirrak Party is a Telugu film which is a remake of blockbuster Kannada film Kirik Party released in 2016. Most of the elements of the original are kept in place but nativity of Telugu culture is weaved in the screenplay very peculiarly considering the fact that culture of colleges differs very much according to the demographics. Most of the film is based in the college and it takes a lot of detailing in consideration to show the activities of young males and females in the college from their first puff of cigarettes to fight between different batches.

This film almost gets the college culture right but still a very hyped up exaggerated version instead of being realistic as film makers can be more accurate with college because it is inherently interesting in there and one does not need to make it caricature. Kirrak has a very elaborate plot behind it which focuses on a love story that starts when Nikhil’s character in the first year and he falls in love with a senior who turns out to be a writer writing about a sex worker. The sex worker exists in real life and both of them go to meet her at the time of delivery as she gives birth to a girl who is named Meera.

Due to some unfortunate incidents Meera dies and Krishna becomes a very destructive man until a new girl in the first year starts liking him and she tries to normalize him out of his misery now. Krishna has a very fragile ego now and it’s his journey to be the cheerful young man again who s not trapped by his past anymore despite of devastating tragedies happening to him. Nikhil’s performance is quite upto the mark in this one as e does not fail to beat any of the many beats his performance goes through. Overall this film deserves a watch in the cinemas.

Kirrak party movie review

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