Vidya Balan to be a guest on The Great Laughter Challenge

Vidya Balan to be a guest on The Great Laughter Challenge

Vidya Balan’s Tumhari Sulu is going to be released on 17 November, and she has already started promoting the movie, in which she plays an ordinary Housewife who gets a chance to become a radio jockey. Vidya will be appearing at The Great Laughter Challenge, the comedy competition show in which the contestants do stand-up comedy, and are judged by the likes of Akshay Kumar, Sajid Khan and Shreyas Talpade. Sajid Khan posted on his twitter account, with the phrase “Tonite It’s Kissa Kursi Ka” and also a picture of Vidya in a chair surrounded by Akshay, Shreyas and him.

Vidya, as people might know, has worked with Sajid before, in the hit comedy movie, Hey Baby, which also starred Akshay and it’ll be interesting to see their interactions from so many years, and all the banter and great jokes.

As most people know, Vidya is mainly known for doing dramatic movies like Kahaani, and the Dirty Picture, but she also has a funny side that she seldom gets to offer and explore in those movies. She has said that after the dark drama of Kahaani 2, she wanted to do something light and funny and that the script for Tumhari Sulu is one of the best she has ever read.


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