National Education Day: An Occasion to celebrate the gift of Education

National Education Day: An Occasion to celebrate the gift of Education
Written by Abhishek Rana

National Education Day is celebrated on 11 November each year, on the birthday anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, who was the first Education Minister of India. Abdul Kalam Azad serves as the Education Minister from 15 August 1947 till 2 February 1958. The National Education Day was announced on September 11, 2008, by the The Ministry of Human Resource Development, “The Ministry has decided to commemorate the birthday of this great son of India by recalling his contribution to the cause of education in India. November 11 every year, from 2008 onward, will be celebrated as the National Education Day, without declaring it a holiday.”

All across India, the National Education Day is celebrated through a variety of educational activities like writing articles, speeches, holding seminars and activities like quizzes and tests and games that improve the general knowledge of children.

It is also celebrated to raise awareness about the underprivileged children who don’t have access to good education or live in regions where good schools aren’t available. Since it is the right of every child to have a basic education, this day is used to create knowledge and slogans, reaching out to various organizations and talking about how an equal and good education can change a person’s life.

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