How To Train Your Dragon 3 Trailer: Toothless has a GirlFriend

How To Train Your Dragon 3 Trailer: Toothless has a GirlFriend
Written by Aman Kumar Singh

In 2010 we embarked on a journey following a young curious Viking lad named Hiccup who didn’t know fighting but did know befriending. He lived in a Viking tribe which were on constant attacks from dragons and thus they hunted those dragons. But in the midst of this hunter-hunted war the boy befriends a Nightfury – the most violent dragons of them all. But turns out the dragon was a ball of love as Hiccup named him toothless and befriends him.

After nine years, two movies, several short films, animated cartoon series on Netflix and video games the series How to Train Your Dragon released its third trailer named, How to Train Your Dragon – The Hidden World. This would be a conclusion to the series as it is the final part of the series HTTYD.

How to Train Your Dragon revealed its final movie’s trailer on Thursday on YouTube. The fans of the series got to peek into the third and possibly the final installation of the Dragon-Human love lore. In the 2:45 minutes long trailer we see how Toothless fall in love with another of his kind, a Lightfury, who is a female and unlike him she is pearly white. The movie is set to release next year on March 1 but Dreamworks animation released its first trailer nine months earlier. The trailer teases us with many new things and a new villian who is a dragon hunter, has an armada of warriors and who is hell-bent in capturing Toothless or ‘destroying everything Hiccup loves’.

The trailer’s main focus is the meeting of Toothless with the female dragon and once in front of her he acts like an awkward teenager in love. To impress the female dragon Toothless mimics mating dance of several birds which guarantees few laughs. In one scene of the trailer Toothless is shown to have summoned lightning into his body and then attacking with the lightning which looks impressive. In another scene we see a vibrant and colorful hidden dragon world with dragons and eggs. While in the opening of the trailer we see Hiccup with a beard, is it a time lapse, is he telling a story, is it the ending of the film where he has defeated the villian and saved all the dragons we will find out once the movie releases on the BIG screens.

The trailer also features a soundtrack by the famous singer Ed Sheeran’s Castle on the Hill which seems perfect for the film. What will happen to Toothless’s proposal and how the story will conclude its series, we will have to wait till the next spring, March 2019 to find out.

You can watch the trailer of HTTYD3 here:

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