Maoist plan to assassinate Narendra Modi in shocking letter

Maoist plan to assassinate Narendra Modi in shocking letter

The Pune Police has discovered a shocking letter, which was presumably in circulation with the Maoists groups, that includes the plant to assassinate Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a similar manner of Rajiv Gandhi’s murder. The reports suggest that the police discovered the letter in a house that belonged to a banned maoist gorup CPI. The letter could be a tactic to scare the prime  minister.

The letter states that defending the Hindu fascism has been the core agenda of the group. It adds that several other leaders from different groups have also expressed the same feeling. The group is trying to “consolidate with like-minded organizations, political parties and representatives of the minorities across the country.

The letter is long, but the most startling aspect comes in the last paragraph. The following are the excerpts from that clearly showcases the contempt of the writer and the planning of the incident: “We are thinking along the lines of another Rajiv Gandhi-type incident,” “It sounds suicidal and there is a good chance we might fail but we feel the party must deliberate over our proposal,” “The letter even mentions how this plan can be achieved. “Targeting his road shows could be an effective strategy,” “The letter refers to “Modi-led Hindu fascist regime is bulldozing its way into the lives of indigenous adivasis.””Inspite of big defeats like Bihar and West Bengal, Modi has established a BJP government in more than 15 states.”

There are different political opinions on the revelation of the letter. Sanjay Nirupam, from Congress party thinks that this is an old tactic of Modi, since he was the chief minister of Gujarat. Whenever his popularity declined, there used to be a sudden discovery of assassination attempt against him. Sanjay, however, relented by saying that he doesn’t know if the letter is true.

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