Tora Tora movie review: An exciting and high concept story

Tora Tora movie review: An exciting and high concept story

Tora Tora, directed by Harish Gowda, and starring Siddu Moolimani, Sanath and Nataraj L. It is the story of seven friends who discover a time machine and try to change their past. The premise of the movie is not that unique, as we have seen such movies for a long time, but it is the execution that seems fresh this time. There are not much special effects, and those that are applied aren’t impressive, but that is not a knock against the movie but more about the budget. Even though there are many points int he movie that are obviosuly cliched and something that you have probably seen a lot of times, the movie still wins you over with the amazing chemistry within the group of people.

The story is not that difficult to follow, even though this is a science fiction movie and there are times when you can sense that the budget constrictions made the makers to stop and just do the bare minimum so that they don’t go overboard. Harish Gowda directs with the hand of a pro, but there are times when he can’t seem to understand that the movie has some tonal issues.

Still, all things don’t make the movie bad, and in the scheme of things, one can forgive almost all of things. The best thing about the movie is its actors, and they’re so committed to their characters that they don’t have any kind of vanity and seem to really get along with each other. Some of the jokes in the movie are hilarious and can be recounted to your friends even. And even though the movie doesn’t seem to have much dramatic stakes, you’ll still remember some of the banter and the conversations of the characters because its very relatable and real.

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