Deva Ek Atrangee movie review: A beautiful and delightful story, with great performances

Deva Ek Atrangee movie review: A beautiful and delightful story, with great performances

Deva Ek Atrangee, directed by Murali Nallappa, and starring Ankush Chaudhari and Tejaswani Pandit, and the late Reema Lagoo, is the story of a writer whose interest in a local figure grows into an obsession when she hears about him from many people. The movie is colorful, with very good performances and a penchant for drama that is not unrealistic and heavy handed. The cinematography of the movie, in particular is really striking, and sophisticated in a way that makes it look distinctive and unique from the line of other movies. The actors are very dedicated to their characters, and even though a character like Deva could slip into unnecessary cliches of heroism and male bravado, Ankush Chaudhari is so good at playing his as a simple man, who is funny and also fallible. But his enormously likable performance will endear him to the audiences.

Tejaswani Pandit, as Maya is also notable for making a character who could’ve easily gone into a cliche, but instead a self possessed woman who knows what she’s doing, even though it might not always be the right thing to do.

The late Reema Lagoo, who was known for her warm presence in Bollywood movies, is here again, playing a motherly figure, and the honesty of her portrayal is so strong that one can’t help but feel teary eyed when she appears onscreen.

Director Murali Nallappa has made a delightful movie, that should be seen on a big screen because its characters and beautiful landscapes that are best appreciated when seen with other people. If the movie does not actually crushes all the clashes, it doesn’t mean that it is not unexpected, because even as it is working in a familiar territory, its still a capably made story that will make you smile as the end credits start rolling.

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