Suriya with Rajinikanth showed up at Tamil film industry protest

Suriya with Rajinikanth showed up at Tamil film industry protest

Tamil star Suriya joined the rest of film industry in order to support the protest and get the demands done against sterlite. Entire Tamil industry is at hault till the strike is not called off which is why no film is releasing in Tamil Nadu. Promotional activities such as trailer launch is also not being allowed in this industry to maintain the dignity of a strike. Even the post production of the films is not happening because studios are not working and many daily wage earning workers are suffering through it.

Industry is bearing a lot of monetary loss because of the complete shut down but won’t active the work till the demands are met. Several films which were suppose to be released in the month of March will now be given preference in April and henceforth which will reschedule the releases of other projects. Suriya starrer ‘NGK’ is a massive release which is why makers decided to bring it on the week of Diwali to get the maximum number of audience but since dates are being shifted, film might not be able to get finished for the due time.

Suriya had already started the shot of the film but did not go too far in the production because of the strike hence a lot of work is remaining to be done. Rakul Preet is also starring in the film to play an important role. There are many agendas that needs to be fulfilled including the ticket charges at the cinemas which is affecting the audience hence the exhibitors. Since the exhibitor is not getting maximum number of audience , distributor is not being able to buy the films from producers at substantial price mark up is not that profitable. Producer is getting worked up and that eventually is affecting the film production.


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