Steven Spielberg confirmed shooting dates of ‘Indiana Jones 5’

Steven Spielberg confirmed shooting dates of ‘Indiana Jones 5’
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Yet untitled, Indiana Jones 5 will start shooting in the April of 2019 in United Kingdoms. Spielberg is on board to direct this so dearly loved franchise which is literally in it’s fourth decade now. Spielberg was a young man in 1982 when he and Harrison Ford started the franchise in 1982 but both are still relevant. In his 70’s Spielberg just made the most pop-culture movie ever by the name of ‘Ready Player One’ which certifies that he is fit to handle the fan favorite franchise and won’t put Jones in the middle of a holocaust.

Harrison is matching the beats with Steven by his Star Wars and Blade Runner as all his iconic roles are very much alive in the hearts of audience decades after their invention. Harry Ford requested for the death of his Han Solo in Force Awakens but the man is not done with Jones as of yet. He will be putting on that glorious hat for the fifth time and the story might take place from the Kingdom of Crustal Skull that came out in 2008 and opened to rave reviews.

There is something very exciting in that opening music by John Williams who will compose for this one as well as he has for every Spielberg film in last forty years or so. Williams has given us some of the most iconic pieces in cinema history be it Jones or Star Wars. Spielberg is almost having some kind of spiritual race with Star Wars as he wants to keep his Jones franchise alive with it but he never directed Star Wars despite of being offered a number of times. rest of the cast is yet to be finalized since there is more than a year before the camera rolls on this one though they may have finalized the script and perhaps more parts.

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