Srini Raju puts a legal notice on Pawan Kalyan

Srini Raju puts a legal notice on Pawan Kalyan
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Industrialist Srini Raju has put forward a legal notice against powerstar Pawan Kalyan asking him to stop with the allegations. He also made it very clear that he has nothing to do with Ram Gopal Varma or his allegations against Kalyan. The notice reads, “My client Mr Srini Raju was surprised and shocked to hear from friends and well-wishers that you have used your verified Twitter account, mugshots of which copied hereunder, to level certain insinuations against my client, which are completely baseless, untrue and false.”

 “My client further states that you, the notice, seems to be hurt and disturbed with comments made against you and your family by certain disgruntled people. My client was hurt even more by your unwarranted and unjustified comments. You have come to politics promising better behaviour and good governance. If you make baseless allegations like any other politician, then what is the difference between you and them,” notice read. “Therefore, my client, through this notice is calling upon you to delete your tweets which involved his name, at the earliest and set a good example for an honest, committed and dedicated public figure. My client, however, reserves the right to take appropriate legal procedure should you fail to comply with this notice,”
Pawan Kalyan wrote this on twitter, He tweeted, “SriniRaju ..your legal letter doesn’t make any difference after you got my Mother abused repeatedly with the guidance of #Real AgnyathavasiRaviPrakash” your CEO on your channelTV9 colluding with your political bosses who blessed you with SriCity. GoodLuck Srini! (sic)”. Kalyan also tweeted a video in which Sri Reddy calls him an abuse which is directed toward his mother and Kalyan has taken this point to put it against Reddy. The battle between them have gotten really ugly over twitter and legally as well.

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