Earth Day 2018, a day to celebrate our environment, and to spread awareness to protect it

Earth Day 2018, a day to celebrate our environment, and to spread awareness to protect it
Written by Abhishek Rana

Earth days is celebrated on April 22, It is a day to remember everything that the nature has gifted to us, and to make attempts at preserving ir from harm and devastation. It is celebrated all over the world, as people and organizations spread awareness about the earth, the animal species living in it, what can be done to stop pollution and deterioration of the ozone layer, and to minimize the use of non degradable products like plastic bags. John McConnell, a peace activist, first proposed the idea of a day dedicated to earth in 1969, when he was present at the UNESCO conference in San Francisco, and the first Earth day was celebrated on March 21, 1970, which indicated the spring in the first hemisphere.

The theme for this year’s Earth day is, “End Plastic Pollution”, which shows the concern about how plastic is used, and since it isn’t a degradable source, it causes harm to the environment.

People across nations try to spread the awareness and knowledge about how plastic and other products should be used in a way that causes less harm for the environment. It is important to understand that if such actions of people are not controlled, we could be heading toward an environmental crisis. Through Social media, a people can now talk about environment and how to preserve in a variety of ways, like Sudarsan Pattnaik’s beautiful sand art. Others spread awareness by talking about the steps that need to be followed to save Earth.

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