Shahrukh and Salman Khan to come together in ‘Zero’ teaser on this day

Shahrukh and Salman Khan to come together in ‘Zero’ teaser on this day
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

On the prestigious occasion of EID, Shahrukh Khan will be unveiling yet another teaser of ‘Zero’, which will have Salma dancing in it with him. Teaser might also be attached with the print of ‘Race 3’ and that is the biggest pre-promotion Shahrukh could have asked for. Race 3 is going to be seen by a huge number of people and all of them will be seeing Salman and Shahrukh together with Shahrukh being a vertically challenged person. Zero quite possibly is Shahrukh’s most special film but no other actor in the world has gone so different with his character.

Shahrukh did a wonderful cameo in Tubelight, where he played a magician who guides Salman’s character through a particular ideology. Tubelight as a film did not fair well on the box office but fans rejoiced after watching their two favorite superstars together on screen. Salman is out there to return the favor who is quite frankly a bigger star than Shahrukh and will be able to attract more number of audience if the cameo seems interesting. Director Anand Rai is wired in a way to keep the cameos enthralling which Kabir Khan clearly lacked and it would be nothing short of a blast.

Zero still is a long way to go for the release as it will come out on 21 December. Zero might just be Shahrukh’s biggest film since My Name Is Khan in terms of scale. This film puts him out of his comfort zone and makes him acts like a dwarf for the entire duration. Red Chillies VFX would have to be doing some ground breaking work a CGI like this on an actor has never really been attempted before. Chris Evans got the taste of it in ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ but not in such great length.

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