65th Filmfare Awards have opened their ticket bookings for general audience

Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Perhaps India is the only country on this planet which actually sells tickets for award shows like it is a circus, which is almost is. Filmfare is the only award that can dare to sell the tickets because live audience would be watching the entire show in one go though in other award functions, it is shot by the chunk. Nothing that happens in an award show is actual real and all of it is shot exactly how someone would shoot a television show with many takes. Responses to the performances are shot separately while applauds are added later.

Jokes are inter-cutted badly with each other and audiences is being made a fool out of. Filmfare is the oldest award function in this country which was also reputed at one point of time but all credibility is lost. They shoot a few scenes of audience laughter and than  connect it with every joke the host makes for funny. There have been instances on television where someone is on stage taking the award and the reaction is also theirs from the audience. Even the biggest of superstars have denied to really believe in the concept of awards in India but since it pays well, people arrive their like a job.

No amount of false dignity can now save the reputation of awards in this country and Filmfare south is literally selling tickets on Book My Show, like it is a concert. Ticket rates are starting from 2500 and will go upto 100,000 depending on the selection of seats. Many huge superstars will be out there to put a show and now it is hence proved they will be getting paid for it as they are literally selling tickets. People who must shall enjoy this charade after all they will get to see celebrities dancing for them in the name of awards.

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