Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Ted talks India ki Nayi Soch’ is renewed for 3 more seasons

Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Ted talks India ki Nayi Soch’ is renewed for 3 more seasons
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Shahrukh Khan’s highly popular show ‘Ted talks India Ki Nayi Soch’ has been renewed by Star television for three more seasons. So far they have aired only one season which met with mixed responses as far as TRP is concerned even the presence of Shahrukh Khan because the format of show is new to the country. Ted Talks as a format is very well accepted in western part of the world and has been going on for a while now with many big time celebrities and philanthropists making appearances in it.

Shahrukh Khan himself went there and gave a 17 minute long talk in which he was juxtaposing the reality of an ageing movie star in relation to humanity ad how they are similar. Indian version of the show was mixed with good responses and some not so appreciative as well because the concept of an intellectual talk is just so unique on Indian television because the content otherwise is way too tacky. Indian audience and especially women who subscribe to Television are use to way too much melodrama on their screens and relate to it as well which is why it is difficult for an intellectual show to break in.

According to the reports season two of the show might start airing by the month of November this year and AR Rahman be called upon as the first guest speaker in the episode one. Makers have not confirmed the news so far or the list of guest but the production is working on putting the show together in full throttle. In more than one way, Shahrukh has been the vest cross over from Television to Films and vice versa while he has managed to gather incredible form of TRP with many different shows. Channel will put out the airing details very soon.


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