Rangasthalam movie review: Ram Charan just shows up once again to deliver the routine

Rangasthalam movie review: Ram Charan just shows up once again to deliver the routine
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

yearning for a mass hit, Ram Charan goes back to the territory of rural area based action film which perhaps has nothing new in it. It is a genre called routine films in Telugu cinema which can not be criticized anymore because enough is enough. Momentarily catharsis is what audience might still be experiencing from looking at their hero rising from the ashes and fighting the villain only to beat them up senseless and ended up emerging as a winner which is already highly predictable but people still find some kind of amusement in it.

Ram has not had a mass blockbuster for a while now hence he went back to something called a safe project which will guarantee a certain number of audience and nothing revolutionary will come out of it. Film like this is designed to be mediocrily good in order to get through the first week and collect a profitable amount which beats the investment. More than the art of storytelling, it is more like a straight up business investment to double the money in a short period of time like it is infrastructure and not emotions.

Samantha Prabhu is the female lead of this film and she has practically made a career out of just showing up in the film. Her extremely one dimensional character is just there to fill up a female space in the film to pull the crowd in like most of her films. Job of a character like this is to fall in love with a man and become the spectator to his story while he takes the narrative forward. Ram has something off a screen presence and can pull heroism very well which is why he gets paid for a living and soon be starring in upcoming Rajamouli film. One may ignore Rangasthalam in the cinemas.

Rangasthalam movie review

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