Petrol and Diesel prices: Farhan Akhtar speaks on Twitter about reducing the hike

Petrol and Diesel prices: Farhan Akhtar speaks on Twitter about reducing the hike

The hike in the prices of Petrol and Diesel have created a ripple effect of discontent and agitation among the public, with many asking for a reprieve the raise. Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi warned Narendra Modi in a tweet that if his government doesn’t lower the prices, Congress is going to begin a nation wide protest. And now, it seems that Bollywood actor, and director, Farhan Akhtar has also ventured to give his opinion on twitter, as he interacted with people about the situation. He first tweeted about the recent on May 22 2018, stating, “₹84 per litre mubarak to you and your loved ones. Actual cost I believe is ₹31, based on info i could find online (do correct me if I’m wrong, happy to learn) .. the rest are central & state taxes, cess & commissions. Just so you know that the price can be brought down.”

His opinion was that the government could bring the prices down, if they gave reprieve to the taxes. Then he replied to someone who told him that curbing pollution was also a necessity to save the environment, to which, Farhan replied, “U r right that pollution is a major concern & yes there should be a serious push to get India moving towards hybrid & electric tech. Also, levying hefty fines on emission level flouters & preserving green cover is crucial. Currently, fuel price hikes have burdening ripple effects.”

Farhan also replied to a media house who mocked him for suggesting that the government reduce the taxes, saying, “They did, didn’t they? Also took money away at will. Play Sudoku .. it will help with your memory loss issues.” He clearly meant the remark as a sarcastic jab, but then clarified that he hadn’t demanded the government to reduce GST or income tax, and it’d be better for other’s to not misinterpret his statements.

The rate of Petrol and Diesel have reached a peak in five years, and some of the reason can be put on the inflated taxes that have been implemented by the government.



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