October movie: New clip introduces Varun Dhawan’s Danish Walia aka Dan

October movie: New clip introduces Varun Dhawan’s Danish Walia aka Dan
Written by Abhishek Rana

October movie, directed by Shoojit Sircar, is going to be released on April 13, and one of the most anticipated movies of the year has already started off with its promotion, by introducing the character of Varun Dhawan’s Danish Walia aka Dan. Varun plays a Hotel Management student, and in the clip, the viewers can see the struggles of Dan, as he goes through the trials of working in a hotel, doing measly stuff like washing the floor, sweeping it, arranging tables. He also seems frustrated by his job, as he expresses in the first shot of the clip; he’s fighting with his friend that he doesn’t get enough respect for his work and what’s the point of doing the job if no one appreciates it.

Shoojit Sircar also speaks about the difficulty of being a Hotel Management student, and how much work one has to do if he/she wants to excel. There are other shots in the clip which show the daily life of Dan, it looks like the movie is going to be realistic in its portrayal of the character and his relationships with people around him, along with what he does for a living.

Newcomer Banita Sandhu stars alongside Varun, and the two seem to have great chemistry with each other from the photographs and the trailer. It is not clear what the story is going to be, but people have speculated that Banita’s character gets into an accident, and he looks after her, ignoring his work and friends. There have also been reports that the movie is inspired by the Oscar winning movie, Her, in which a man falls in love with his intelligent mobile operating system. Everything from the movie seems to be very intriguing, and hopefully it won’t disappoint the audiences.


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