Nanu Ki Jaanu movie review: Abhay Deol should actually be thinking before acting

Nanu Ki Jaanu movie review: Abhay Deol should actually be thinking before acting

Abhay Deol kept on saying through out the promotion that it is not exactly a mainstream movie to keep that tag of intelligent indie actor of meaningful cinema but truth is that this one is a really crap on floor mainstream film with absolutely no purpose or significance in life. It is a remake of 2014 Tamil film ‘Pisaasu’ which suggests that makers of this film could not care less in the rain about what they are doing because you don’t take an already made film and than make a bad one out of it.

In the name of horror comedy they could not deliver anything ad absolutely no one would even so much as chuckle through out the film because real people should not portray tom and Jerry humor. Film is dumb down to an incredibly dishonest spoon feeding standards where an audience member would not immediately get an IQ test soon as the film ends only to realize that they still have it and it was the film. On an average any film industry makes more badly reviewed than well received films in an year but the standard of this one in terms of being ridiculous is a whole different sky.

Unless and until makers of this film give out job offers with tickets for unemployed people, no one would be willingly going to watch a film like this. Due to multiplex culture, some films happen to get audience just by the way because tickets were not available for the one people actually came to see and instead of destroying the date they just watch ‘Nanu Ki Jaanu’. Given the option one might experience earthquake over the head of heavy magnitude and not even try to make it but watch this film in order to scar the memory at any given age.

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