Naachiyaar Tamil movie review: Jyothika pulls off a Singham except realism

Naachiyaar Tamil movie review: Jyothika pulls off a Singham except realism

Director Bala has joined the league of many directors who are co-operating in the narrative with changing times but in a false almost mythical way. He wanted to make a film with a female in lead guiding the film but what he has actually done is directed a male oriented film with scenes like that and only asked a female actor to present in that way. She is doing everything exactly like a male star would do be it manner of speaking or sitting with rowdiness except she is a female but that does not make it novel.

Jyothika portrays the character of a rowdy police inspector who could not care less about the methodology of law in order to solve a crime but all she is bothered about is mere results. This character has been portrayed by literally every big star at some or the other point in their career as it originated in 1970’s in Hindi cinema from the profound pens of Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar. Bala can not justify this character at all under any circumstance but he still tried to keep the tonality of the film real which means 10 men were not flying in one kick.

Jyothika has tried really hard to pull off the character but she was literally not allowed to use her femininity at all because the director is looking for whistles and applauds in the theater from this narrative which clearly states that the film is not self aware at all. In her quest of solving the case which is pointing towards the character of Prakash Kumar as the potential assaulter of his girlfriend. She not only has to find him because everyone is saying so but also has to find out if he is the actual guilty in this case or not. Overall this film could totally be avoided in cinema halls or otherwise.

Naachiyaar movie review

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