Hostiles movie review: Christian Bale delivers an outstanding performance

Hostiles movie review: Christian Bale delivers an outstanding performance

Christian Bale and Rosamund Pike star in a western directed by Scott Cooper. Sometimes directors and screenwriters visit the wild wild west in the fascination of exploring that landscape because they have loved it in movies when they were child getting fascinated by old cow boys on horses and still makes sense to them. Not every storyteller has the reason for that period setting because all they do is make a revenge story and place it a hundred years ago though it could have very well be showcased in the modern times as far as expressing emotions re concerned.

As Leonardo DiCaprio went into the wilderness in The Revenant, he was just dealing with elements of winters while that story could have been told very well in any period of time. Now, Scott Cooper somehow brings a story which could only be told in 1892 because it deals with human behavior which is inspired from the events happening in that time and place of the world. The story of the film, which is basically a rescue mission, figured out a way to enable itself with things, movements and people that were actually happening which makes it real.

Bale plays a U.S. Cavalry officer who has been assigned a task to escort Cheyenne war chief and his family back to home in Montana 1892. Bale’s character is on two several quests in one go. One is where he has to physically wonder and find those people so that he can take them to places they belong to while making sure that they suffer no harm and the other quest is running with in himself which is about his odd relationship with the people close to him like Rosamund Pike’s character. Bale somehow always plays the troubled men in best possible way and he got it right this time as well.

Hostiles movie review

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