Murder on the Orient Express movie review: A beautiful but dull mystery thriller

Murder on the Orient Express movie review: A beautiful but dull mystery thriller
Written by Abhishek Rana

Murder on the orient express is directed by Kenneth Branagh, and is based on the Agatha Christine’s novel with the same name. It involves, an eccentric Detective Hercule Poirot (played by Branagh himself), who investigates a mysterious murder case on a train. Michelle Pfeiffer, along with Judi Bench, Daisy Ridely and other veteran actors also star in this lavish adaptation of the novel. As always, Branagh’s direction and the cinematography is gorgroups to behold; everything seems staged with perfection and all the other technical aspects of the movie are also wonderfully realized. But, there’s something missing from the movie, and it might be the spirit of Agatha Christine herself.

A mystery thriller movie never efficient if it can’t sustain a mood if suspense and dread, but all you see in this iteration of novel is beautiful people moving around in beautiful room, without the spark of life.

Moreover, Branagh himself is miscast in the role; he overdoes the eccentricity of the character, all the mustache twirling and grunting, but never comes closer to giving it life.

Indeed, the only bright spot in this starchy movie is Michelle Pfeiffer, who still oozes that star charisma and the dangerous sexiness of a femme fatale. She’s great, along with the always dependable Judi Bench, and the movie is recommendable only for these two.

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