Deepika Padukone could star in Don 3 with Shah Rukh Khan

Deepika Padukone could star in Don 3 with Shah Rukh Khan

Deepika Padukone’s Padmavati has been mired in controversies. States have banned the movie even before seeing it, people from Karni Sena, a violent protest group, have put a bounty on her head and it seems the film would even have difficulty in releasing overseas. Nevertheless, Deepika is not having any trouble in getting new movie projects, as she’s reportedly going to work with Shah Rukh Khan again, and in the blockbuster franchise Don 3. Even though there hasn’t been any confirmation about these reports, but the frequent mention of Deepika in the sources seems to indicate that she’s going to Priyanka Chopra in the movie.

Priyanka is busy shooting her hit American show Quantico, and has not done any Indian movie in over a year.

If the sources are confirmed sometime in the future, this will be quite a casting coup for Deepika, and another expected hit on her resume. The plot details and synopsis for Don 3 have been kept under wraps, but it’s clear that it’ll deal with the struggle to once again capture the Don, in one way or another. Deepika, it is again rumored, will be replacing Priyanka, and could be up for another character with no relation to her. In any way, this is a glimmer of good news for Deepika fans, and hopefully it will surely come true.

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