Mary Kom director Omang Kumar to direct movie titled Yubi Lakpi

Mary Kom director Omang Kumar to direct movie titled Yubi Lakpi
Written by Abhishek Rana

It seems that after two failures, Omang Kumar is  back with a sports oriented movie, that is in similar vein to his hit biopic, Mary Kom. Umang is going to direct Yubi Lakpi, based on the sport, Yubi Kakpi which is a form of sport that is similar to rugby and is played by the people of Manipur, however the main difference is that the sport is concerned with an individual, other than a team effort. The player has to rub themselves with oil and catch a coconut, also soaked in oil, and take it to the goal post, then present it to the “king”. The game is very interesting, and could have material for a very entertaining and enlightening movie.

Omang’s previous two movies, Sarabjit and Bhoomi very mostly critically reviled, and Bhoomi, especially was considered one of the worst movies of the year because of its insensitive handling of the subject matter of rape. The movie also failed to provide a good comeback for Sanjay Dutt.

But now, it seems that Omang is finally ready to try something news and more interesting, which has not been tried in Bollywood before. The casting will have to be appropriate, as many people took issue with the fact that Priyanka Chopra, a north Indian woman, played the role of Mary Kom, who is from Manipur.




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