Narendra Modi to visit China for Informal Summit, leaves on Thursday

Narendra Modi to visit China for Informal Summit, leaves on Thursday
Written by Abhishek Rana

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going for a two day visit to  China for an Informal Summit. Chinese President Xi Jinping, is going to inaugurate the summit in Wuhan city on April 27 and 28. The exchange between the two leaders is notable, as it is the first time the two countries will be interacting like this since 1954. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, was present at a joint press conference, with Sushma Swaraj in Beijing, and told the media that the country is going to prepare for the summit to be a complete success for the two countries and strengthens their relationship with each other.

However, the two countries are not going to sign any agreements with each other, and there will be no joint conference. The meet between the two leaders seem to be an attempt to smooth out the testy situation last year in Doklam, where the troops from both countries were engaged in a silent but tempting standoff with each other, from a period of June to august at the Sikkim border.

China also received North Korean Leader Kim Jong-In recently, and even though attempts were made to keep the visit private, the information leaked on twitter, as people found out different ways to speak about the leader, even when some of the names had been forbidden by the Chinese authorities.

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