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Malayalam actor Dileep gets bail today

Malayalam actor Dileep gets bail today
Written by Shilpi Gupta

Malayalam Actor Dileep finally gets a bail after five failed attempts for bail plea in Kerala high court. Bail plea is accepted with the condition of surrendering his passport, signing a bond of 1 lakh Rupees and undertaking to stay away from witnesses in the case.

South Indian Star was arrested in February 2017, for allegedly masterminding the abduction of a Tamil and Telugu actress, was today granted bail by the Kerala High Court. Dileep is accused of involvement in the abduction and sexual assault of a prominent actress in February who was believed to have been conducive in Dileep’s ex-wife Manju Warrior divorcing him. In February the prime accused ‘Pulsar Soni’ was arrested by police and found Dileep has connections with him at the time of the assault. Dileep statement of denying Pulsar Soni and not even knowing him came out contradictory as police found call records and other evidence which clear that two of them knew each other. Dileep also asked to his fellow actress for settlement on a personal score but that also not work.

Today after getting bail from High Court give a sigh of relief to jailed actor Dileep and Producers of Ramleela which has hit the theater on 28th September and earned 4 crores in the first 2 days which interprets the popularity of Dileep among the masses.

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