Vijay Mallya arrested in London for money laundering

Vijay Mallya arrested in London for money laundering
Written by Abhishek Rana

Indian businessman, Vijay Mallya was arrested in London in relation to laundering money. He owes at least 9,000 crore in loans and was reportedly arrested because he was in violation of Prevention of Money Laundering Act in London. Mallya has, on more than one occasion, denied any appearance in court and has been sought by the Indian authorities.

He had absconded to London, cheating the Government and mishandling some money that let him in the country, and he was able to evade arrest for a longer period of time.

Along with its efforts, the government had appealed to the London in February to the authorities to let them arrest Mallya, citing much evidence that convicted him of fraud.

Update: Vijay Mallya has been able to get on bail within a few minutes after being arrested in London, and is still free to roam around in London. This has been another unsuccessful attempt of Indian authorities to bring him back to India so he could be prosecuted against all the charges that have been leveled against him. There have been further efforts to get him extradited but all of them as of yet been futile. Mallya has at least one dozen cases filed against him that could lead to arrest. CBI has been investigating his case and has discovered numerous cases of fraud that were committed by him, of which he seems to bee unaware of, and has denied any involvement in. The extradition case is scheduled to be reviewed again in December.


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