Honeypreet denies involvement in riots as she speaks out before arrest

Honeypreet denies involvement in riots as she speaks out before arrest
Written by Abhishek Rana

After evading authorities, Honeypreet, alias Priyanka Taneja, has now commented about the allegations made against her, in relation to instigating violent atrocities in areas in Haryana, Delhi and Punjab that resulted in 40 casualties and numerous injuries to civilians. There have been widespread rumors about Honeypreet’s relationship with her adoptee father, Ram Rahim, the leader of Dera Sacha Sauda, who had been only recently convicted (25 August) of raping one of his devotees and sentenced to 20 years in Jail. Honeypreet has vehemently denied any inappropriate relationship with her father.

Speaking to a TV channel, Honeypreet appeared shocked and distressed about the accusations leveled at her, and has claimed innocence in the matter, saying that she couldn’t possibly be involved in the mass violence because she was supporting her father in court, with the belief that he’d be released without any conviction. Upon discovering that Ram Rahim was likely to serve 20 years in Jail, Honeypreet was devastated and too overcome with emotions to instigate people to commit any kind of violent assault upon others.

She also had sharp words for people leveling allegations against her, saying that they hardly know what she was going through, and are being disingenuous in their attempts to mark her as a criminal.

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