Jeetendra visits The Drama Company with Tusshar Kapoor

Jeetendra visits The Drama Company with Tusshar Kapoor

Jeetendra, the legendary Indian actor and Icon will be gracing The Drama Company with his son Tusshar Kapoor tonight at 9 PM on Sony TV. The father and Son jodi will be seen having fun and talking about Jeetendra’s long and great career, with the audience and the hosts, while other actors of the drama company will be having fun and doing skits that will make the audience and the guests laugh. In the clips tweeted by Tusshar Kapoor, it is seen that the elderly actor will be dancing along to the most iconic music tunes of his career, and also share a laugh at the title of his movie with SriDevi, Nagin.

The Drama Company is slowly, but steadily becoming everyone’s favorite comedy show, and as it is hosted by the great comedian Krushna, it has also attracted a lot of celebrities on the show, who come to promote their movies and talk about their careers.

Jeetendra is one of India’s most acclaimed actors and his life is full of anecdotes and little funny memories that he is going to share with the audiences. It is a gift for anyone who is able to watch one of his most famous movies, to then listen to his own experiences about making them.


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