Indian entertainment industry revenue generated in 2017 and how

Indian entertainment industry revenue generated in 2017 and how

Indian entertainment industry is the second largest after America and contributes a massive amount in the world entertainment portion. The revenue generated by all the entertainment industries in the world surrounds somewhere about $3.5 trillion and total revenue generated by Indian entertainment industry including Movies, Television and OTT is $11.5 billion. Considering the fact that Indian economy is lower than most of world’s big ones like America and Britain, the revenue generated seems a little less when converted into dollars but the number of people consuming all this data in India is far wider than most of the countries.

Indian film industry combines makes more number of films in an year than Hollywood but still the cost of production, distribution and eventual collections made from the films are far lesser than Hollywood but more than any other industry. A Hollywood film has earned upto 30,000 crores on worldwide box office but maximum collections by a Hindi film of all time is Aamir Khan’s Dangal, which did a total of 2300 crores. Maximum production budget of an Indian film has been around 400 crores and it is unreleased yet by the name of 2.0 but Hollywood has made films on budget 20 times than this on usual basis.

Television has generated $9.1 billion for Indian entertainment industry while films have banked around $2.25 billion with 10% of that going to Hollywood releases in India. OTT contribution is not much in India as of yet but $109 million is not that bad either and it will grow to new heights in coming years. Contribution from films in 2016 was a lot more than 2017 because number of people going inside the theaters are far less than before because of digital boom and ever rising ticket prices of multiplex that have gone out of an ordinary man’s pocket in a economy like India which is still growing and has not been justiced in relation to population as of yet.

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