Chiyaan Vikram’s son Dhruv Vikram first look in ‘Varman’

Chiyaan Vikram’s son Dhruv Vikram first look in ‘Varman’

Superstar Vikram’s son Dhruv is making his debut in Tamil film industry with the remake of Telugu cult ‘Arjun Reddy’. Arjun Reddy starring Vijay Deverakonda in the lead role was released latter half of 2017 and became an instant global classic with a blockbuster business on box office. Remake rights of the film were immediately bought in Tamil and Hindi. Hindi version of the film is yet to announce the cast while Tamil has already started filming in Nepal. Plan would be to release ‘Varman’ in 2018 itself and launch the career of 3rd generation star kids in Tamil film industry.

Arjun Reddy is the story about a medical surgeon who falls in love with her junior in college and later their families don’t agree because of caste issues. Due to some misunderstanding between the couple Arjun almost commits suicide while his beloved gets married to some other man. Arjun is not able to face the betrayal in love that he has received and indulges in drinking as well as drug addiction. He becomes a raging alcoholic and commits a mistake while performing a surgery during which he was not in his senses. 8 months later he finds his beloved again pregnant with his own child as she broke off the marriage with her husband and they both get back together.

By design the plot of Arjun Reddy provides enormous attention to the central character in the film and allows the actor incredible space and scenes to perform, which is the opportunity Dhruv is looking to cash on with this film. Story of Varman might not be the exact same as Reddy but basic arc of the character is the pulse of the film and it can’t be changed. Shahid Kapoor might be playing the character in Hindi while Sandeep Reddy directing though he is not making the Tamil version.

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