Gulabjaam movie review: Realistically woven relations

Gulabjaam movie review: Realistically woven relations

Gulabjaam is the story of a young Marathi boy in London who has now dreamt of opening up a restaurant in there but the delicacy he wants to serve is traditional Marathi food as it would give him novelty over other people’s restaurant which are serving general British menu. The issue here is that this boy does not know how to cook or much awareness of Marathi food, he just remembers the taste he had in childhood which is still quite fresh in his memory and he s looking to bring it back.

His search for the delicacy takes him to many places where he eats the traditional Marathi food by hook or by crook now one day he goes to meet this person who gives him a Gulab Jaamun to eat which so reminds him of the delicacy he is looking for and the connection of childhood that is completely broken. In order to learn the recipes, he  goes back to his mother in Maharashtra who he actually left to fulfill his ambition and now she does not like him much because he ha come back for a selfish reason.

The stubborn mother decides to teach him to cook while simultaneously give him life lessons and also take out her agitation that has been stored inside her for years. Her behavior with the boy is not polite at all and she makes him do every other thing except cooking and he constantly nags her to teach him how to cook. Mother knows that if she tells him the recipe he will immediately go back and follow his ambition again by leaving her behind which is why she is buying herself some mother time by delaying in teaching him the recipe. Story is quite complex and handles in a delicate manner which makes it a decent choice for this weekend.

Gulabjaam movie review

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