Captain Malayalam movie review: Inspiring, dramatized yet cinematic!

Captain Malayalam movie review: Inspiring, dramatized yet cinematic!

Biographical nature of films re quite tricky t make because one is in a constant battle with himself over how much dramatization should be provided to a particular moment that has happened in real life or the entire story in general. There is almost no such thing as a good or a bad biopic because it is the personal consciousness of a human being which is mostly driving the story to tackle into one corner. Now the nature of biopic also dependent on which agenda film is taking to fulfill for instance do the makers want to humanize or glamorize the person.

If one is making a biopic on someone like Abraham Lincoln than the job is to normalize a man who is almost treated as a monument in the eyes of people but when someone is making the film on a real life person because they are unknown despite of their deeds and they should be more appreciated than one might almost start worshiping the character in the film and showcase only the greater aspect of their life and neglect the moment of weaknesses.

Now the story of VP Sathyam is not known to all and it almost becomes the job of the director to make sure that by the end of the film correct emerges as a great figure of inspiration in the eyes of people which is why the overtly dramatized moments in sports biopic are quite common be it Bhaag Milkha Bhaag as well. Jayasurya has taken liberties in portraying this character where in some scenes he took himself more seriously than the context of moment himself which is not right because in real life a person would not realize the potential of greatness till that thing has already happened in his life and at least not while it is happening. Overall this film is a decent one time watch.

Captain movie review

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