GujjuBhai Most Wanted movie review: Only errors in comedy of error

GujjuBhai Most Wanted movie review: Only errors in comedy of error

GujjuBhai Most Wanted is the sequel to 2015 film GujjuBhai the great and yet another addition in GujjuBhai franchise. Now the adventures of father and son have moved to a whole new level of ridiculous where the most important part of the film is the fact that an estate agent is mistaken for a secret agent who has a really big plan to destroy something. Film remarkable undermines a story and spends the most amount of time looking for a laughs in the hundred times over repeated gags in films.

Plot of the film begins around mid way and before that it just highly stupid jokes which have no meaning to it that could make it funny. Since it is the second film in the franchise, any director would want to make use of it and save time that would go into establish the characters and say the story that eh really wants to but makers of this film are obviously oblivious to any kind of cinema grammar or cinema in general as they can’t make sense out of their own decision to make a sequel to an already very bad film.

Indian cinema has been suffering for the loss of script in comedy films for a really long time now and Gujarati cinema is no better. It is like a requirement almost to not have a story and than go on floors to make a comedy which just puts additional pressure to the actor who all of a sudden has to be funny now with no baseline to stand upon and this is exactly what’s wrong with this film. Actual people are pretending to be cartoons and making faces so that some laugh might be generated in the audience but an actor is not a clown and a film is different from a circus. Overall this should be avoided at all costs.

GujjuBhai Most Wanted movie review

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