Fukrey Returns movie review: A hysterical and witty sequel

Fukrey Returns movie review: A hysterical and witty sequel

Furkrey Returns is a hysterical and witty sequel to the original cult hit. Directed and written again by Mrighdeep Singh Lamba the film is an ode to stupidity and friendship, because even in the middle of the misadventures and hilariously idiotic twists, the four friends almost never cease to believe in one another, nor do they have the usually cliched fights and serious arguments about life and their careers. Pulkit Samrat and Varun Sharma again have fabulous comedic chemistry with each other, and Varun’s portrayal of Choocha must be one of most iconic characters of the decade. The sequel might lack the sense of familiarity and closeness that the original had, but this one also has way more jokes and wit in its favour.

Richa Chadha, as Bholi Panjaban, who this time comes out of jail to wreck havoc on the foursome, is again a highlight of the movie and a very strong female character. The plot of the movie, which hinges on a vision that Choocha has, of a cave and treasure is stretched a little too thin, but again, no one is going to mind it too much if everyone is having a great time laughing at the jokes and antics.

Ali Fazla and Manjot singh are also great, and show their comedic chops in various scenes. Indeed, the best thing about the movie is that it has at least one scene that showcases the talent of the cast member. This might feel like the director is flattering his cast, but it just shows that the actors are so strong that this unrealistic bit of sketch comedy is never tedious. Priya Anand is also great, often overcoming her love interest role to do something interesting in the movie and showing once again that if men are clueless about their lives, its the women who know everything.

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