Big Boss 11: Contestants Parents makes them Happy and Emotional

Big Boss 11: Contestants Parents makes them Happy and Emotional

Every season of Bigg Boss creates controversies and also gives viewers a full of entertainment. The emotional twist is witnessed in the big boss house when family members of the contestants enter their house. Now in this season, Bigg Boss 11, Hiten Tejwani reads out the order of big boss for ‘Luxury budget task’. In which contestants would require, to turn into statues. Hiten further readout that during the task, Bigg Boss would freeze the contestants from time to time by following that they won’t be allowed to move or talk with anyone. This Luxury budget task would test the contestant’s patience and their will power.

As they freeze, the parents of the contestants enter the house to meet their son or daughter, one by one. When the Arshi Khan’s father enter the house, Happiness of Arshi has no bound. Her father meets every contestant and lastly kissed her daughter forehead and advice her to talk properly with everyone. Arshi father also asks her to call Salman as ‘Salman sir’ to make a good impression. The official tweet of Colors, “Arshi Khan’s happiness has no bounds when she meets her father! Catch all the excitement tonight at 10:30 PM.”

Puneesh’s father when enters the house, he tells Shilpa that Puneesh’s mother wants to meet her. He also calls Akash as a real friend of Puneesh. Shilpa’s mother is next, whose entrance makes everyone too emotional. Her mother asks the housemates, not to abuse or fight. And she also said to Akash that he calls Shilpa his mother than he should fulfill his responsibilities as a son and please don’t abuse her.

Before leaving the house Shilpa’s mother apologizes to everyone if she hurt their feelings. She kisses and hugs Shilpa while saying her that she is playing well. Contestants look at Shilpa and her mother, teary-eyed and then she leaves the house.

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