Drushti movie: A smart, brutal thriller

Drushti movie: A smart, brutal thriller

Drushti, a thriller by Directed by Ram Abbaraju, Produced by Mohan, and starring Rahul Ravindran, Pavani Gangireddy and Vennela Kishore among Others is well crafted, playful, when it needs to be, brutal. The story follows a photographer who gets sucked in a murder mystery, that leads him down the rabbit hole of deceit and shocking discoveries. The plot is twisty and thoughtful, so its good not to reveal too much, but its easy to say that camera features very heavily in the plot, and is a central device through which the story comes to a conclusion. But, let’s not discuss any longer, because the thrill of watching it the first would be spoiled.

Director Abbaraju does a very good job of maintaining the tone of the movie, as it also has a usual romantic sub-plot, with some comedy, before the mystery sets in. The actors are very well cast, with Rahul doing a perfect job by playing this unusual character, who isn’t muscled or too heroic, but takes everything seriously. He also has a sense of humor, which helps make the character more relatable than the usual broody heroes of mystery movies.

Pavani is also very good in her role, although its very thinly written. She still makes it look compelling. There are some absurdity in the plot, but such stories are always unbelievable, so even if there are plot holes, they’re ignored because of the high entertainment value.


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