Crossroad Malayalam movie review: An anthology movie makes a dramatic impact

Crossroad Malayalam movie review: An anthology movie makes a dramatic impact
Written by Abhishek Rana

Crossroad is anthology movie with 10 shorts comprising the stories of women, and is as much a thesis about the power of feminity and how women are seen and treated in the society and as a fantastic creative testament to the directors of malayalam movie industry.

The stories vary in plots but the main theme of the movies is about how women survive in a society that tries to suffocate her in numerous traditions and beliefs. The stories have overlapping plot points but they’re also distinct in their creative voice so the audience won’t feel that they’re seeing the same kind of movie again and again.

All the female protagonists give knockout performances, among Mamta Mohandas, Padampriya Janakirman and Richa Panai. This movie should be commended to give the total screen time to its female protagonists and treating them with respect and dignity while also creating distinct characters without it seeming redundant. Stylistically, the movie is very impressive because it frees the directors from just sticking to only one theme, so they can expand their styles in a way that looks and feels very beautiful but important for the story and deeply personal.

I’d highly recommend watching this movie because it features strong performances, important and heartbreaking stories and expert direction.

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