Kataka movie review: A horror thrill triangle story set around the father, daughter and the crab

Kataka movie review: A horror thrill triangle story set around the father, daughter and the crab
Written by Karu Cheema

Kataka is kannada Horror movie released today, based on true story from the incident that took place in coastal belt, where black magic was performed on a five years old girl. The graphics in the movie are superb and make it different than a regular horror film. It is more of a triangle story set around the father, daughter and the crab said Ravi Basrue, the director of the film. It is also a debut venture for Ravi Basrur.

The music director has paid right attention to the musical effects in the film and various sounds have been added to the story which makes the thrill of horror more affected.  Shlagha Saligrama the child artist has played a prominent role in the film. Kataka also starring Ashok Raj, Spandana and Shlagha Saligrama will also be seen main roles, playing significance part in the film. All the crew members have been excited for the film release. The 3D modeling has been given for better visual on the animations.The film will is dubbed in different languages including Tamil Telugu and Malayalam.

The plot of the movie revolves around kumar’s life (Ashok Raj) who been living a city life as school teacher but he soon get fed up with city life and plans to come back to his native place. He plans to come back and to work on his forever dream of owning his own school, so he can offer good education to children and can provide them stress less atmosphere to study in his home. Having immense love and devotion towards his place and culture he decides to develop it further.

As he comes back to his home town with his wife and daughter and start to live with is uncle. He take help from his childhood friend and his uncle to start and understand plan to build a school. Some people who are not very willing with his idea come forward to stop him and as days goes by, Kumar have number of enemies to face. His real problem starts as his daughter get trapped under black magic spell bound. This incident shakes the family peace completely and the thirst to get rid of this problem increases every moment.

If you are fan of horror films and looking forward for thrilling weekend,you must watch KATAKA. The film is right combination of good animation and horror visualization.

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