Kattu malayalam movie review: A slice of tale between love and society during late 70s.

Kattu malayalam movie review: A slice of tale between love and society during late 70s.
Written by Karu Cheema

Kattu is Malayalam drama film by Arun kumar Aravind inspired on the characters of short stories by P padmarajan. The movie is set around the rural terrains during the late 70s. You will see Asif Ali and Murali Gopy in major roles in the film. Director Arun kumar Aravind is well known for his exceptional work in Malayalam film industry. Aravind have given hit numbers like Ee Adutha Kalathu, Left Right Left and One by Two. Earlier the film was releasing in September 2017 but later date changed to October 13,2017. The movie has completed its censoring with a U/A.

The anticipation from kaattu is high, since the characters picked in the film are extraordinary. Deepak Dev have given music in the film and cinematography is done by Prasanth Ravindran. The songs and music choice in the film is really good, songs are composed with combination of sweet melodious and foot tapping. Kanna kaangiren song will take away you breath with it’s soft music and melodious voice of Jyotsna.

The plot of the movie revolves around lot of drama involving rigid society believes leading to honor killing of lovers during 70s. Though film has lot of emotional values between love tales shown between Varalaxmi and Asif Ali. The storytelling in the film shows how society traditions impacted life back in seventies. Subject of the film is very delicate and must watch to regain the knowledge and see the difference in our society now.

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