C/O Surya movie review: A standard romantic comedy

C/O Surya movie review: A standard romantic comedy
Written by Abhishek Rana

C/O Surya is a telugu movie directed by Suseenthiran, and stars Sudeep Kishan and Mehreen Pirzada. It is a standard romantic comedy with some moments of levity and genuine humor. The movie has great performances from the protagonists and the dance and action numbers are very well choreographed but there’s not enough imagination in the writing to make it worthy of a theater experience. The story concerns a man named Surya, and his wife Janani and is about their love for each other, how they overcome the troubles and other obstacles in their lives and fight to remain happy.

The movie could very well appeal to people who are looking for light fun, and good action and dance numbers. Sussenthiran directs like a pro and some shots in the movie are quite beautiful, but they can’t sustain it for long if there’s no engaging story of hold the audiences’ attention.

Still, the performances from the cast are very good, and Sudeep is reliable as the lead of the movie. Mehreen also adds a layer of sass and fun to her otherwise poorly written character. I’d still recommend the movie to people who are fans of Sudeep and want to pass their time.

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