Okkadu Migiladu burns with the rage of the morally righteous. It believes that the world, as bad as it is, can be rid of evil people if the good ones try to stay together and fight for justice. It is a very noble opinion and the movie should be applauded for its tackling of the subject matter with bravery and a certainty that is seldom seen in popular entertainment. The final product might not be as successful the people behind would seem to think but that doesn’t matter, because anything that is made in the world with the sole purpose of giving hope to people can’t be considered bad or a failure.

The movie is directed by Ajay Andrews and he takes the full command of the movie and the actors and makes sure that the movie remains sensitive while depicting horrifying situations dealing with rape and Slavery. The shattered expressions of the captured women and little girls is enough to shock the audience in silence.

There are no unnecessary dance number in the movie, but the violence is very direct and often startling. The movie is an attempt for a hero to save the girls, but if that seems simplistic, it is more than that.

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