Black buck poaching case: Salman Khan reaches jodhpur for hearing in the case

Black buck poaching case: Salman Khan reaches jodhpur for hearing in the case
Written by Abhishek Rana

Salman Khan is going to appear at the Jodhpur High court on Monday for a hearing on the Black Buck poaching case. He was granted bail in the case last month, after being convicted. He has already started shooting his next movie, Ali Abbas Zafar’s Bharat, which is also going to star Priyanka Chopra. Salman was granted 5 years in jail for his crimes, and has appealed to the court for changes in the sentence. There was an outrage when the sentence was announced, and then more because Salman had to serve time in jail for two days.

As he is known around the world as an actor and a star, Salman’s sentencing was reported by the international media as well, while many Bollywood celebrities openly supported him. His fans also lend their support on the social media, like Twitter and Facebook.

Salman had allegedly kill two black bucks in a forest in Jodhpur, while he was shooting for the movie, Ham Saath Saath Hai. His cast members, Neelam, Tabu and Saif Ali Khan were also accused of the crime, but were acquitted by the court, which also caused a lot of controversy on social media. It is not clear yet if Salman is going to get any relief, but he certainly seems to have confidence, since he has begun to shoot his next movie. But, if there are some complications in the case, and he doesn’t get a proper relief, then the movie could get into problems.

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