Bigg Boss 12 to showcase a new format with Salman Khan

Bigg Boss 12 to showcase a new format with Salman Khan

Recently Colors tweeted, “#BiggBoss12 is coming soon and this time we’re looking for jodis! So bring a partner along with you to the @BiggBoss house for twice the dhamaal! Auditions now open!”. Makers of the show are constantly looking for something new to do as it does get boring by season 12. Their last experiment was to mix up common people with celebrities and it worked well for the ratings of the show as they just keep on going up. Salman Khan will be back to host the show and might be joined by Katrina Kaif as well.

Since there are couples coming in, the show will get all that more interesting with politics. If some couple gets to leave their partner in order to be attached with someone else than it would shoot up the viewership. It would be more like Bigg Boss meets Splitsvilla which is the kind of content advent viewers want. Show thrive on showing the most dark and irritating part of human behavior and nothing is more significant in this aspect then a relationship getting broken on television.

Fights get the maximum viewership on the show which is what couples do and would only increase for television. Many people criticize that the show is scripted and if it is then the script would get far more engaging even for the writer. First thing that happens in Bigg Boss is people make groups but this time they will be entering in groups only hence the initiation would be with breaking of the troops. Channel might be looking for all time high ratings if both Salman and Katrina come to host the show. Both of them famously have dated each other for a long time and audience would like to hear some couple talk wisdom from their own experience.

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