Saroj Khan’s comments about casting couch anger twitter , Renuka Chowdhury speaks out

Saroj Khan’s comments about casting couch anger twitter , Renuka Chowdhury speaks out

Saroj Khan, the legendary choreographer today, said that the casting couch has existed for years, and every girl is subjected to some kind of ill intention by men. She further elaborated that similar actions happen in government too, so why is the film industry being targeted. However, the most offensive comments were, as she stated that casting couch provides food to the girls, and doesn’t leave them after rape. Its upto the girl if she wants to take part in the casting couch process, and if she has talent, then she doesn’t have to fall this for a job.

Saroj  has apologized for her comments since then, but it didn’t take the social media to notice them, and point questions at her, speaking about the objectionable words that she used to justify the casting couch, which is not only unfair, but wrong.

Now, Renuka Chowdhury, a leader from congress has said that “Casting couch isn’t just prevalent in the film industry, but is even the Parliament is not immune to it. This is a wild tangent in the topic, and Chowdhury seems to be speaking about the treatment of women in the parliament and politics, which is very different from the Film industry. It is yet to be seen if she has to share any other story about such incidents on elaborate on her comments. Since politics is wide ranging, there might be many who could support or refute Renuka’s comments, but it now seems that the topic is going to be discussed more openly now.



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