Bigg Boss 11 Finale Live: Shilpa Shinde is the winner of the show

Bigg Boss 11 Finale Live: Shilpa Shinde is the winner of the show
Written by Abhishek Rana

Bigg Boss season 11, the most controversial and popular reality show of the past year has finally come to an end. And the beginning of the show is set by Salman Khan, the host and dost of the audience. He starts the episode introducing all the evicted contestants from the show. He makes fun of the contestants, and asks who they are supporting to win the show. Priyank says that he supports Vikas and Hina, while Benafsha is rooting for Vikas and Shilpa. Salman also makes fun of her hairstyle. Then, Salman asks Luv di he cheat in the elimination task, but Luv says that he was just nervous and mistook the name.

Salman then shows whatever is happening olinside the house. In the house, the Bigg Boss congratulates the three contestants for surviving for three months and tell them that all four are winners.

Then, Aakash gives a rap performance that is based on the song that he wrote inside the house. After the performance, Salman Khan makes fun of him.

Finally, it’s time for one contestant to be evicted and it’s revealed that Puneesh has been eliminated from the show. Then after the promotion of the movie Padmaavat, and other few advertisement, it’s time for Puneesh and Bandgi’s dance performance in Tip Tip barsa paani. Arshi and Hiten also dance in the house, on the track, Laila teri le legi”.

Akshay kumar then comes to the show to promote his movie, Padman. And he andvSalman together make fun of Dhinchak Pooja, while also praising her for her strange selfie and other songs. Then Akshay shows the audience how to make the sanitary menstural pads for women, and urges people to watch his movie, Padman.

Next, he has to go inside the to take one contestant out, and after a game, it is revealed that Vikas has been evicted from the house. Hina and Shilpa are the finalists.

The Bigg Boss congratulates both of them, and tells them that they both are deserving winners. Both of them come out if the house, onto the Bigg Boss 11 stage and Salman Khan announces the winner…..

Shilpa Shinde is the winner of Bigg Boss 11. She had been one of the most controversial contestants, who had been banned by the television community for two years..but she showed everyone that she was a strong player. She changed the way people think about her and triumphed over Hina Khan, another Television actress who became immensely popular on the show, although she faced the most push back from the audience because of her comments on people outside the house.

Shilpa is awarded 44 lakhs and a very nice trophy. She is the 11th winner of the show.

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