Bigg Boss 11 Episode 19 LIVE: Hina becomes the captain of the house

Bigg Boss 11 Episode 19 LIVE: Hina becomes the captain of the house

The house gets mired in politics when it comes to deicde who will become the candidate to become the Captain of the house. Everyone has to choose the person they think performed the best in the house. The people choose, Hina and Ben and Sapna, but then Ben begins to create drama because she thought that she was the best person in the team. She starts telling Hiten and Vikas that they should’ve taken her name because she deserves to become the Captain. Afterwards, there’s another round of choosing and Hina and Sapna are the ones to get the most votes.

This makes Benafsha even more angry and she tells Arshi that she’ll not be doing any future tasks and it should be good if she’s sent to Kal Kothari. Then there’s a big competition between Sapna and Hina’s team, in which their teams have to shovel the sand out of the competitors box, and Hina comes out victorious at the end, becoming the new captain.

Then there’s a interview session in the house, conducted by Vikas, in which he has to talk to every contestant in the house and ask them about why they should stay and name a person who they think deserves to get out of the house this week. Most of the gharwalas vote for Luv.

UPCOMING: The Weekend of war pre-cap shows Salman conducting a wrestling match between Arshi and Hina and Hina losing her cool and shouting and hitting Arshi with a flag.

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