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Chhath Puja 2017: Prashad and Food Recipes

Chhath Puja 2017: Prashad and Food Recipes

Chhath Puja/Chhath Pooja is also known as Surya ShashtiChhathi and Dala Chhath. It is four days festival and mainly celebrated in the states Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. During Chhat puja people worship the God Sun, Surya, the god of energy and of the life-force, to blessed for well-being, prosperity, and progress. Food plays a significant role in Chhath Puja which involves the preparation of Prashad made in pious Ganga Jal or in Yamuna Jal. people use traditional Chulha, which is made of mud and gives a smoky flavor to Prashad. These food dishes might look ordinary but taste divine when cooked during Chhath festival.

Bottle Gourd Sabzi or vegetable
The festival Chhath starts with preparation of bottle gourd sabzi in pure ghee. This sabzi is prepared by using holy water of Ganga or Yamuna. Bottle Gourd sabzi is eaten with boiled rice.

Thekua is the most famous dish of the Chhath festival which is prepared with wheat flour, ghee, sugar and dry fruits. A tight dough of all these ingredients is prepared which is further shaped into small rounded tikkis and deep fried in pure ghee.

Rasia is a sweet dish made with rice, jaggery, milk, and water. It is offered to Lord Surya/sun on the second day of the Chhath Puja. It is eaten with wholewheat chapati or puri on the second day.

Green Channa

Channa is prepared by soaking green chana overnight in Ganga or Yamuna Jal. Soaked chana is prepared with pure ghee, cumin seeds, and green chilies.

Puries is the most common recipe for Indian cuisine, but for Chhath puja it is prepared in Pure Ghee. A soft dough is prepared and small puris are deeply fried in ghee and served with Rasia and Green Chana.


Kasar is a Laddoo prepared with powdered rice, jaggery, fennel seeds and ghee. Moreover, it is meant to be consumed during the winter season to keeps body warm.

Rice Kheer

Rice kheer is an Indian traditional sweet, prepared during all festival. On Chhath Puja, kheer is prepared with lots of dry fruits which enhance the flavor of Kheer Prashad.

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